Saturday, April 28, 2012

Three things distinguish JXA Homes from other home builders:

First, we let our clients tell us what they want for their homes. We design and build each house according to the lot conditions, owner's lifestyle, and their budgets. Each house is unique.
Other builders only let customers chose standard plans they have.

Second, we have experienced architect on board who designs your house and manage your project. We pay full attention to your needs and questions. We foresee problems before their arise and we build higher quality homes.
Other builders may not have expertise or architectural training in handling your projects.

Third, JXA Homes passes all savings to owners. Typically, builders have accounts with suppliers and trades, and often we receive discounts as volume incentive from them. JXA Homes will keep cost items transparent to owners and we pass those savings to the owners.
Other builders will charge premiums if owners chose things that they call “options”. To us, if an item is on sale for 20% off, you receive that discount.

We design and build custom homes by providing construction management service. Project costs, low or high, will be determined by the owners. JXA Homes will bring the expertise and creativity to your project, making sure the construction will meet your expectation at high quality yet at lowest possible price. In return, JXA Homes asks for 18 percent of construction cost as fee for professional service. In the end, the money and time you saved will be well paid off by working with JXA Homes.

How to start

Custom home construction is a journey with many questions to answer and many problems to solve. To begin, we would like to ask $5,000 fee to get started. This fee will enable us to come to your site to visit, to find out what are your needs, and to provide preliminary designs. The preliminary design include three sketch drawings: front elevation, first floor plan and second floor plan. The fee will also include research in the county regarding your lots, such as issues of RPA (resource protection area), soil map if any, and zoning requirements.

JXA Homes understands a happy client in the end will make enduring business in the long run. You chose JXA Homes for two reasons: you want a nice house and you want to save money. With 20 years of residential design and build experience, we will make your project a success.

please contact JXA Homes:

John Xiang AIA
phone 703 477 3543
fax 703 991 8980